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Monsoon Madness… Macca style!

Monsoon Madness! For those of you who have been at the Club recently, you’ll know just how good our Monsoon winds have been. With all our racing compressed into a few months there’s nothing like being well prepared and what better way than a pro-clinic! Macca’s that guy hanging off the Infusion in the picture … Continue reading

Weekend wrap… what a blast

It was “blowing dogs off chains”. As predicted, Saturday’s wind was superb, I’d say the biggest day of the year! The breeze had cats buzzing in all directions and for the Moth’s well flying everywhere! The Monsoon has arrived and the season opener has been picture perfect – clear blue skies and stonking wind! What … Continue reading

Blue Lizard

The good old Nacra 5.8 was out working  hard today and looking at the speed it was generating, was actually hard to believe its 14 years old, including the sails! But new sails are being shipped in so she’s about to be brought up to date with the latest in Nacra MNX sails. Soon she’ll … Continue reading

Smack some water…

Talk about powering through some water! The Nacra 20 does it real well, try 21.3 knots and still tuning up! Considering it took about 6 months to get the Vipers up to their current highly tuned state, I can only imagine the learning curve with the 20. Wicked, totally! I liked Marcel’s comment last Saturday … Continue reading

Weekend Wrap..

Talk about “Ferris Buellers Day Off” – we had a big day out on the Nacra 20 well more like wipeout of the year! The Nacra was two-on-the -wire with the big black kite up. The speed log was holding 18.5 knots and we had Kuang and Julie on the Viper just meters off the … Continue reading

Weekend weather… guesstimation!

Well its Friday again… Monday was windiest and wettest! So here’s the pattern for the week as we saw it and the above chart confirms it.  The morning breeze has been good, even at 8am when it blows from the SW. Before midday it’s been swinging to the North and blowing directly into the Club. … Continue reading

How fast are you?.. REALLY

This piece of kit is proving useful, we’ve been testing it lately and it’s bit of a bonus when we’re changing rig/mast settings plus it’s just real nice to have a constant read out of SPEED! Well that’s why we love our catamarans, RIGHT! The Nauteek does a lot more than just compute speed! It’s … Continue reading

Monday. It’s official…

      It’s official, Monday’s are the windiest days! Who said it never blows in Singapore should have been at Changi Sailing Club today. At 8am it was already blowing dogs off chains with a good 15 – 20 knots directly in front of the Club. There was more breeze to the west with … Continue reading

How far can you… sail one of these?

  L Just the other night in the boat park someone asked me how far you could “sail one of these things?” So rather than explain the whole lot again, here’s an answer! Well for as long as I’ve lived in Southeast Asia I’ve always wanted to do this sort of thing! But this trip … Continue reading