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Weekend wrap… what a blast

northeast monsoon wind

It was “blowing dogs off chains”.

As predicted, Saturday’s wind was superb, I’d say the biggest day of the year! The breeze had cats buzzing in all directions and for the Moth’s well flying everywhere!

The Monsoon has arrived and the season opener has been picture perfect – clear blue skies and stonking wind! What normally happens is that it does this for a week or two then abates for a wee while before coming back again! 

It’s a short season so, use it while we have it! Schedule in as much sailing now as possible and you won’t regret it! I’ve been maxing out on the sailing front, Thursday on ‘Blue Lizard’, friday on Henry’s Nacra 570, Saturday morning on ‘the beast’ – the Nacra 20, Saturday afternoon blasting on the 570 and then Sunday back on Blue Lizard again – yep it’s time for some days off, we’re all sailed out! NOT!!

About prosailing

In Southeast Asia a long time and all the while, sailing cats. But the cat love-affair began when I finished building my first catamaran at age 15... "never again". After building 2 more Formula 16 cats in Malaysia it's really 'never again'. Now we have a large fleet of high-tech speed machines including the Nacra 20 Carbon. Then we decided to spread our wings a little more and imported the Corsair Dash 750. Now we are well on the way to establishing a Coastal One Design Dash Class. As a test bed, we had 4 Dashes take part in the Neptune Regatta and now the plans are rolling out.


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