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While not glamorous, the diagram above came from the notes shared with Sunday’s lesson on the Nacra 20 and just maybe it’ll make sense to others out there as well! There’s a good reason to have twist in your mainsail, just look at how the jib ‘pre-bends’ the air around the mainsail. At the bottom its … Continue reading

Weekend weather… guesstimation

Just look at the gaping hole around Singapore – also explains why the temperatures have been soaring over the last few days! It’s not looking good this weekend but Saturday will be better than Sunday! It’s light and variable and the weekly pattern has been… light Northeasterly in the morning with the wind backing to … Continue reading

Weather watch…

You can see the shift in the weather already so from now on expect it to veer to the north a bit more. Judging by last weekend, its still got a bit of strength left in it although the direction will swing from the NE in the mornings to North at midday and then back … Continue reading

More trapeze artistry…

This came in from James On the A the top hole of the dogbone is at deck level, and the bottom hole halfway down the hull.  Always on the bottom hole so you can imagine how low I am.  Quite comfy though.  And can’t see the leeward hull unless I arc my back up. And … Continue reading

Trapezing tip… photos show it all

How to trapeze, as demonstrated by Macca and Alice. Get down low! If you sight through your toes you should be level with the deck. Also, you’ll see that Macca’s forward shoulder is tipped downward – this makes it a LOt easier to look forward and all it requires is, changing your foot position on … Continue reading

Good news – more racing…

Good news – more racing! Race – clinic – race – clinic… it’s been a great season for racing and improving techniques! Its the only way to do it and we’ve been very lucky to be allowed to use the ‘new’ racing area i.e. Flatwater Bay. The best thing about this location is that NE … Continue reading

Catching up with… the National Cat Championship

What a great weekend, superb weather, good racing and a whole lot of fun! But better than that… we used a ‘new’ racing area nick-named Flatwater Bay erhmm… because of the flat water. Flatwater Bay is behind a massive reclaimed land wall and it doesn’t impede the NE Monsoon wind but it does flatten the … Continue reading

Catching up… with Macca

If you missed the Macca Clinic, you missed the best clinic we’ve ever had in Changi Sailing Club. The Class filled with 26 eager cat sailors and ended with a good on-the-water session that saw a lot of action and a lot of capsizing! Changi Sailing Club provided the ideal venue while the NE Monsoon … Continue reading