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Weekend weather… no need to guess any more!

Unfortunately, there’s no need to guess what the weather will be! At this time of year, right on the shift of seasons, just assume that there’ll be no wind. That way, when you get some… you won’t be disappointed! Sunday’s WNW 8mph is encouraging as we’ve had a couple of okay days this week it’ll … Continue reading

Speed machine… 570

Good thing about modern electronics – they tell you how fast you go so that you can SHOW others. Henry had his Velocitek strapped onto the 570 during the Cat Nationals in Singapore and well the best reading was 20.3 knots over a 5 hour period. It’s interesting to have a look at the speed … Continue reading

5.7 X ADVENTURES… in “paradise”…

The 570 is getting a bit of interest so here’s a good yarn. The first time I tried the original 5.7 was in another adventure that saw me deliver a Nacra 570 into Southern Thailand. There’s nothing unusual about that except that she had to be sailed there from Penang, Malaysia! While the total distance … Continue reading

The Elysian… Nacra 570

  I received a bit of interest on the 570 post so here’s another look at it. Seemingly there’s a bit of interest in go-fast-no-fuss platforms which the 570 certainly is. Rigs in minutes and rips big boat speed! The current 570 in our fleet belongs to Henry who’s other boat in Bali was a … Continue reading

NACRA 570… Kool machine

Long waterline, big rig, light weight and easy to rig… this is one kool cat oh and its pretty fast too. It’s a big boardless cat, well its the biggest boardless cat you can buy! If I was buying a boardless cat, something that was easy to rig and a hoot to sail… I’d go … Continue reading