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Catamaran… learning to fly

This Formula flies! We’re interested to see if a ‘high-speed sailor’ can cross over to the ‘dark side’…he he ha ha Well it’s certainly worth a try especially since we have to wait for the next windy season to kick in, mind you there’s plenty of ‘wind’ on the lake, like 110 kmh worth! There’s … Continue reading

Taipan Internal Downhaul

Someone’s just asked how you change the internal downhaul in the Taipan 4.9 mast. And, since one has asked for it, others will probably need it too. So the above is a diagram to help you with it. It’s a bit fiddly but since you only have to do it once every few years. it’s … Continue reading

Formula 3000… confirmed, FAST!

In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up too… One sunny morning on a Lake in Kuala Lumpur! I’ve just had the biggest adrenaline rush ever, this thing is AWESOME! Climb in squeeze into cockpit, strap into the bucket seat, click the steering wheel in, close the canopy, get pushed out, hit the starter … Continue reading

FORMULA fast, faster…fastest!

Formulas… box rule sets to make sure everyone can race their chosen design on a fair arena. Sounds good, and it’s. But there’s much debate on what’s the fastest? F18 came first and is still the biggest racing class. Then the F16 came along, and while not as populous as the F18’s, it sure is … Continue reading

East Coast Malaysia… change of season

By now, one can safely say that we are in the Transition Period when our wind swings from the Northeast to the Southwest. It’s not going to be instant so while it takes it’s time there are a few other things you might like to consider doing! This post has nothing to do with sailing … Continue reading