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2010 is set to be a good year! Hot on the heels of Nacra winning the F18 Worlds they announce this weapon! An all Carbon 20 footer with all the bells and whistles including banana foils! No mention as to when this boat is going to hit the water but I suspect some lucky crews … Continue reading

ALPHA ROPES… strings of the rock star!

Our new ALPHA ROPES have arrived in the Blue Lizard Shop at Changi Sailing Club. Rockstar ropes well MOVSTAR actually! But these are no ordinary strings and are used on many successful sailing campaigns around the world including everything from the F18’s, the olympics, the Swan Cup, Vendee Globe, the Mini Transat and even, on … Continue reading

Mana Mana… Nacra Nacra

What a kool spot – especially during the Southwest Monsoon that Singapore is experiencing now. No one really expects this in Singapore but… blue skies, nice breeze, white sand and a great little Club right on the waters edge! So if you’re looking for a real chill out spot by the beach in Singapore, find … Continue reading