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HOT NEWS – Carbon 20 pics!!

Its not just a rumour then… here are the first pics of a Carbon 20 and what a wild shape! Well it’s coming from the design board of Melvin & Morelli who are now most famous for a certain super large multihull that will be racing in about 3 weeks time. The banana daggerboards are … Continue reading

What could be better?

Now what could be better than having your boat tied up in your backyard? Having two boats tied up! Maybe ┬ábut the 28R is a good place to start… just the right size, big enough to cruise, comfortable enough to sleep on yet enough ‘R’ to put the R into Racing! This is a little … Continue reading

Corsair C28RS – secret location testing!

This was one of those nice ‘projects’. Sailing out of a top secret location somewhere near Pattaya (but more on that in another post). Can you imagine, a new F28R trimaran tied up to the dock in your back yard, cast off, trundle down the waterway and your in the Gulf of Thailand! NICE! On … Continue reading