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‘Experiment’ Cat Lessons from the weekend…

This is an ‘old’ image but sort of highlights a couple of the things we are ‘experimenting’ with on the Viper now… One, mast tune and rake Tw0, daggerboards During the Cat Nationals, we reset the spreader angle and tightened the diamond wires. That seemed to give us a lot of pointing ability but we … Continue reading

Acclaim Monsoon Cup – lessons

We were hoping to follow on with a few more ‘experiments’ from the 1oth Singapore Cat Nationals (read about it). Unfortunately the NE Monsoon faded and so we couldn’t achieve as much as we had planned. However I can say that we ‘experimented’ with a few bad starts a blown spinnaker halyard and they certainly … Continue reading

Nacra 20 Carbon – first glimpse!

Who doesn’t want one of these?! We all want except they’re as rare as anything at the moment as the factory have received confirmed orders for 30 of the beasts! This is the only sailing N20C in existence at the present time, the rest are still bottles of resin and sheets of Carbon! But soon … Continue reading