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Korea Cup… we’re there


A six hour flight and then 3 buses and 7 hours later, we’ve made Hupo on the Korean coast. This is a great place and our Korean hosts have gone beyond themselves to make sure we’re well taken care of. This is shaping up to be a really exciting event.

The boats were shipped out of Singapore about 3 weeks ago. The timing has been perfect as Southeast Asia heads into the monsoon transition period with unpredictable winds. Korea sits will above that so we are expecting good winds for the 3rd Korea Cup.

Yesterday we ventured onto the bay for a shake down sail. After [picking up a fishing line and then rolling the Nacra over we were cerimoniusly dumped into the water with a breath taking effect! Yes the water is a lot cooler than what we are used to! But having said that, it is really refreshing for a change.

The event is being help in a nice wee fishingh town with about 50,000 residents where unsurprisingly, fish and crabs are the speciality. We’ve had good meals and the event organisers were so worried that western breakfasts would be impossible to find that they organised one restaurant to open early and put on western styled breakfasts! Impressive indeed. But after finding Korean pancakes, we might just switch back from the western edibles.

Eight cats were shipped in from the Changi Fleet in Singapore including Vipers, Taipans and a lonely Red Rocket Nacra 20. Of course, in my wisdom I left my own Viper rig back at base, but at least everyone else’s gear is here and the boats are installed!

Great conditions exist here. The day we arrived it looked like nice sailing coditions. The following day it was a paltry 5 knots. Then yesterday it flexed up a little with about 15 knots on hand. This brings waves to the beach so our team is going to have to learn beach launching in waves otherwise we’re going to have a few snapped rudders!

Today it is about 13 degrees C and eraining so we’re all indoors catching up on other jobs! Tomorrow is Registration day and we expect the rest of the cat fleet to arrive and be installed on the beach alongside the Singapore cats and then it will be game on!

About prosailing

In Southeast Asia a long time and all the while, sailing cats. But the cat love-affair began when I finished building my first catamaran at age 15... "never again". After building 2 more Formula 16 cats in Malaysia it's really 'never again'. Now we have a large fleet of high-tech speed machines including the Nacra 20 Carbon. Then we decided to spread our wings a little more and imported the Corsair Dash 750. Now we are well on the way to establishing a Coastal One Design Dash Class. As a test bed, we had 4 Dashes take part in the Neptune Regatta and now the plans are rolling out.


One thought on “Korea Cup… we’re there

  1. In the photo I must admit I did notice the wet look of the Black stick on the Red Rocket hahahahaha glad I’m not the only one to get salt on the top of that

    Posted by Kelvin Holdt | May 18, 2010, 8:07 am

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