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Eurocat 2011 – Cirrus R

The most aggressive looking cat platform has to be the Cirrus R. It might not be pretty but it seems to work very well. It would have the flattest bottom profile of any cat so far launched. Its advanced rocker profile is more pronounced forward than other designs so that should see it ride ‘bow … Continue reading

Nacra 20 Carbon – first glimpse!

Who doesn’t want one of these?! We all want except they’re as rare as anything at the moment as the factory have received confirmed orders for 30 of the beasts! This is the only sailing N20C in existence at the present time, the rest are still bottles of resin and sheets of Carbon! But soon … Continue reading

Another new cat… C2

Not a very exciting name for a pretty exciting machine! The most notable design features are , 1. the cutaway bow and 2. it is the most aft-set rig of any platform currently on the market 3. the rest of the features are a state of evolution based on the lessons learned from the Capricorn … Continue reading

HOT NEWS – Carbon 20 pics!!

Its not just a rumour then… here are the first pics of a Carbon 20 and what a wild shape! Well it’s coming from the design board of Melvin & Morelli who are now most famous for a certain super large multihull that will be racing in about 3 weeks time. The banana daggerboards are … Continue reading