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Latest creative work…

Apart from getting the Team Pro Sail Facebook page up… The team was busy stringing a little book together. We received a few incredulous glances when we handed them out to the Dash owners who took part in the Dash to Neptune but, one of the first comments we got was… “is it a kids … Continue reading

Smart Tri, first sail…

Today was the first day of sailing on the brand new Smart 40 Trimaran and what a beautiful place for sailing. Yesterday when we arrived it was blowing dogs off chains and it would have been totally unfair to send a new boat out in that. Today was much milder and we hit the hit … Continue reading

Harry’s@The Equator

So we race hard to get to a deserted island. We scrunch a coral shelf just before the finish. We arrive on a beach some where near The Line. We walk up a small incline to be greeted with “your a little late for the sundowners but we kept you some”. Harry’s did a wonderful … Continue reading

Dash to Neptune

The Neptune Regatta. WOW what an adventure. A full length glossy article will be appearing in the next issue of Changi Log that is due in the ‘shops’ in another week but if you would like to download the fully pimped pdf you can do so at, Click to access Dash%20To%20Neptune.pdf It is about 9mB … Continue reading

Singapore Water Festival..

    It’s been a while since my last post but so much has happened! The Dash when she arrived was Singapore’s first Corsair Dash 750. She was named The Dash simply because I used to get phone calls “where are you?”… “On The Dash” so the name just stuck, now it is like a … Continue reading

Eurocat 2011 – Cirrus R

The most aggressive looking cat platform has to be the Cirrus R. It might not be pretty but it seems to work very well. It would have the flattest bottom profile of any cat so far launched. Its advanced rocker profile is more pronounced forward than other designs so that should see it ride ‘bow … Continue reading

Eurocat 2011

So here we are at the ancestral home of Eurocat, one of the biggest cat events in Europe and the world! 2011 see’s 350 cats out on the bay comprising everything from the smallest to the fastest in platforms. We’re here to help two of Singapore Sailing’s National sailors make qualifying for the Youth Worlds in Croatia … Continue reading

Eurocat 2011, Carnac

Mischa Heemskerk and his crew Bastian have just won the Eurocat F18 Class A job well done considering the competition that was also here. Mischa’s Cirrus R is a real weapon. This was only his second regatta on the platform so it would seem there will be more performance still to come.

Marina Barrage Singapore

Six cats from the Cat Fleet based at Changi Sailing Club made their way into waters that have in the past, only been stirred by the Extreme 40’s ( see article). The Public Utilities Board of Singapore is in charge of this body of water and what an “awesome” stretch of water this will be … Continue reading

Korea Cup… we’re there

  A six hour flight and then 3 buses and 7 hours later, we’ve made Hupo on the Korean coast. This is a great place and our Korean hosts have gone beyond themselves to make sure we’re well taken care of. This is shaping up to be a really exciting event. The boats were shipped … Continue reading