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5.7 X ADVENTURES… in “paradise”…

The 570 is getting a bit of interest so here’s a good yarn. The first time I tried the original 5.7 was in another adventure that saw me deliver a Nacra 570 into Southern Thailand. There’s nothing unusual about that except that she had to be sailed there from Penang, Malaysia! While the total distance … Continue reading

Blue Lizard

The good old Nacra 5.8 was out working ┬áhard today and looking at the speed it was generating, was actually hard to believe its 14 years old, including the sails! But new sails are being shipped in so she’s about to be brought up to date with the latest in Nacra MNX sails. Soon she’ll … Continue reading

Smack some water…

Talk about powering through some water! The Nacra 20 does it real well, try 21.3 knots and still tuning up! Considering it took about 6 months to get the Vipers up to their current highly tuned state, I can only imagine the learning curve with the 20. Wicked, totally! I liked Marcel’s comment last Saturday … Continue reading