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‘Experiment’ Cat Lessons from the weekend…

This is an ‘old’ image but sort of highlights a couple of the things we are ‘experimenting’ with on the Viper now… One, mast tune and rake Tw0, daggerboards During the Cat Nationals, we reset the spreader angle and tightened the diamond wires. That seemed to give us a lot of pointing ability but we … Continue reading

Acclaim Monsoon Cup – lessons

We were hoping to follow on with a few more ‘experiments’ from the 1oth Singapore Cat Nationals (read about it). Unfortunately the NE Monsoon faded and so we couldn’t achieve as much as we had planned. However I can say that we ‘experimented’ with a few bad starts a blown spinnaker halyard and they certainly … Continue reading

Lessons from SIN Cat Nationals

The 1oth Singapore National Titles gave us our first opportunity to trial the Viper F16 against 3 of the Nacra 20’s, now that they’ve settled in. This report is purely written to give our insights from our platform, some of the ‘experiments’ that we were running over the weekend and has been put down so … Continue reading

Taipan Internal Downhaul

Someone’s just asked how you change the internal downhaul in the Taipan 4.9 mast. And, since one has asked for it, others will probably need it too. So the above is a diagram to help you with it. It’s a bit fiddly but since you only have to do it once every few years. it’s … Continue reading

More trapeze artistry…

This came in from James On the A the top hole of the dogbone is at deck level, and the bottom hole halfway down the hull.  Always on the bottom hole so you can imagine how low I am.  Quite comfy though.  And can’t see the leeward hull unless I arc my back up. And … Continue reading

Trapezing tip… photos show it all

How to trapeze, as demonstrated by Macca and Alice. Get down low! If you sight through your toes you should be level with the deck. Also, you’ll see that Macca’s forward shoulder is tipped downward – this makes it a LOt easier to look forward and all it requires is, changing your foot position on … Continue reading

The Macca clinic

Macca has arrived – fresh from a Sydney-Hobart and a a campaign on a DK46 during the most recent Straits Regatta… this guy does a lot of sailing! But his number one thing is cats, so those of you who have signed up for Monsoon Madness Clinic this weekend are in for a treat! Last … Continue reading

Monsoon Madness… Macca style!

Monsoon Madness! For those of you who have been at the Club recently, you’ll know just how good our Monsoon winds have been. With all our racing compressed into a few months there’s nothing like being well prepared and what better way than a pro-clinic! Macca’s that guy hanging off the Infusion in the picture … Continue reading

How fast are you?.. REALLY

This piece of kit is proving useful, we’ve been testing it lately and it’s bit of a bonus when we’re changing rig/mast settings plus it’s just real nice to have a constant read out of SPEED! Well that’s why we love our catamarans, RIGHT! The Nauteek does a lot more than just compute speed! It’s … Continue reading