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Smart Tri. On a roll…

Here is the latest update of the Smart Tri 40 doing it easy. On this occasion another peak of just over 20 knots in not a lot of breeze. She was very happily sitting between 16 – 18 knots and it felt like we should be doing something! Nice and easy!

Smart Tri 40… Screecher fitting time

We took advantage of some uncharacteristically light conditions to install the furling screecher today. Slipping out of the marina at just after 4:30 we were accompanied by about 40 monohulls from the Royal Capetown Yacht Club. Now that’s a good 40 boats when their series has ended and things are heading towards winter! Active! Yes … Continue reading

SmartTri 40… second sail.

The second sail on the SmartTri 40 was a very good day on the water in Table Bay. The rigging still needs to settle so we left the Port fairly early to get some gentle breeze and bed everything in again. Over night, the seals did a great job for guarding the SmartTri. Why have … Continue reading

Smart Tri, first sail…

Today was the first day of sailing on the brand new Smart 40 Trimaran and what a beautiful place for sailing. Yesterday when we arrived it was blowing dogs off chains and it would have been totally unfair to send a new boat out in that. Today was much milder and we hit the hit … Continue reading