EPIC. Beyond All Limits


Sailing a small cat from Singapore to Phuket was the culmination of a lot of years of practice. We pretty much knew we could deal with what ever was thrown at us. We practiced up and down the East Coast of Malaysia, gradually increasing the distance we could comfortably endure. It’s more a test of the mental faculties and not as much the physical ones. Having said, sleep deprivation was a big thing to put up with. But once you push off, you can’t turn back…

Let the adventure begin
Day One – Three.
From Changi Sailing Club, next stop, Water Islands, Melaka. Our first of many nights onboard the little Nacra. Epic ONE …

Day Four – Nine.
Black night, Perak Yacht Club, Penang Yacht Club, Langkawi, Koh Rok Nok and Phuket all while being pummeled and wondering what we we’re doing out there. That’s one third over! 
Epic TWO

Kings Cup and the homeward leg begins.

South bound, Day Seven – Fourteen.
The Isle of Peace, Hastings River. Fifteen solid hours on the helm and your home
Epic FOUR …



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