Formula 16

taipan f16

A FAST Formula but, it’s really three boats in one!

One. A high performance two-man boat.

Two. A hot cat-rigged one-man platform.

Three. Add the spinnaker to either of the two modes above and it becomes a potent Formula 16 with all the ability to embarrass much bigger boats! 

The 5.0 metre platform offers some advantage in that it is easily handled by the solo sailor and yet can carry a crew when necessary – sail alone one day and with a crew the next. In one man mode, any of the F16 platforms are potent on the race course. Add the jib, take a crew and they become highly-powered speedsters and when you pop the kite, they really take off as they are rather light in weight.

From the onset, the Class parameters included that the platform must offer the ability to be sailed solo or crewed. Other parameters included maxiumum length 5.0 m, maximum beam 2.5 m, a maximum mast length, and a maximum sail area. The minimum platform weight was capped to 105 kgs and construction from exotic fibers was allowed.

F16’s accelerate rather rapidly and at first it’s a bit disconcerting!

But the rigs are highly evolved and with just a tug on one or two strings, the flighty cat can be easily controlled in virtually any breeze. The Class is a slow evolution class where developments will be incorporated into future models thus ensuring the Class remains contemporary.

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