F16 Blade


The Blade was the first of clean-sheet design, the first fully otimised Formula 16 Box Rule design. Until the Blade, all existing Formula 16’s were current designs modified to suit the rules. The Blade brought with it the first of the new generation hull shapes that exhibit large volume hulls with a mix of elliptical shapes and the Blade also run an optimised sail plan based on the Goodall Wingmast. 

The design also introduced a flat keel line forward of the main beam. This gives the cat more active volume on the waterline and good spinnaker carrying ability. With a self-tacking jib, the boat pivots effortlessly through tacks and jibes.

The hull form is a medium volume design with good weight carrying ability. It was also the first F16 with wave-piercing bows for increased efficiency and a minimal bow wave. The Blade was put into production in USA and employs resin with Kevlar skins and an internal arrangement of bulkheads to help spread platform loads. 

The Blade has very full transoms in comparison to the latest F16 trends.
This necessitates carrying the crew weight slightly further aft when sailing in stronger winds. Moving the crew weight aft also helps to promote lift into the forward section of the platform and makes a huge difference to boat speed!

The BLADE – medium volume speedster.

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