… more 460

While tuning up the newest addition to our fleet I had the most fun sail I’ve had in ages. The wind wasn’t strong at about 10 knots but what was fun is that the 460 took 7 minutes to rig and I was away.

We’d been setting up the new boats all week and to be able to just pull the sails up a zoom off, was a real treat! We’d been out on the Nacra 20 a few times and the 570 once but it was the 460 which bucked me off first! Yes I tipped the smallest of the Nacras into the drink and goes to show just how zippy and performance oriented this little platform is! But it was fun because there’s absolutely no hassle in uprighting the machine even for one averaged sized adult, it popped right back up and we were off again!

I was able to practice doing the ‘wild thing’ downwind without a spinnaker and that really pleasantly surprised me! The rounded gunwhales are comfortable to sit on and trapeze from. The gelcoat is a revelation for a single trapeze boat. The non-skid is patterned and is way more classy than all the race boats!

The new beams that strap the boat together are so strong in this application that the 460 doesn’t need a dolphin striker arrangement and that tidies up the whole appearance of the boat. I’m looking forward to another sail on the 460 in more breeze and with Linus the 13 year old owner of this zippy boat.

Simple fun, to the max…


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