Nacra 500


Nacra 500

The Nacra 500 was the first of Nacra’s low-aspect ratio keels that offered better performance over other daggerboard-less designs. Nacra’s low-aspect skeg offers good windward ability and good manoeuverability due to the ‘cut-away’ section and round transom.

Some ten years ago we choose the original Nacra 5.0 as our platform to complete our Epic Sail – from Singapore to Phuket, Thailand and back. The trip covered some 1100 nautical miles and was completed totally unassisted! So we know this little Nacra is really robust!

But since Nacra Europe have taken over, the Nacra 5.0 has been completely modernised. This includes the new stiffer main beam sections, a modern square head sail plan, a much better rudder system and foil to match. On the cosmetic side, new deck profiles have recessed the beams into the hulls offering improved stiffness as well as much better asthetics. The new Nacra 500 still has the same sea-kindly manners that allowed us to complete the Epic “Beyond All Limits” and conquer the King’s Cup between the 2 journeys!

Part of the success of the Nacra design is the tear dropped shape of the hulls in cross section. This offers greater resistance to diving than ‘traditional’ designs for a very forgiving, smooth ride through waves. The other part of the success is due to efficient sail plans and in particular the new profiles and materials. 

The Nacra 500 is available in the following modes
– School Edition, with reef enabled mainsail and sails constructed in Dacron for a really long life
– Cat rigged for solo pursuits, sail it one or two up without the jib
– Sloop rigged, add the jib for added performance when sailing with 1, 2 or more onboard
– Sport Model, this adds the spinnaker to the sloop mode for supercharged sailing.

The Nacra 500 is the fuss-free high performance, double trapeze platform that has started the sailing careers of some of our better sailors. The new 500’s are going to be a really welcomed addition to the fleet with their increased performance and new colours!

She’s available in School, Sloop and Sport models. They’re all the same in terms of platform and mast size the differences lie in the sail plan with the School model having a smaller overall area plus reefing points on the mainsail. The Sloop model has a Dacron jib attached to the bridle apex while the Sport model has a longer jib that tacks onto the Spinnaker pole.

Length: 5.0 m/16.4 ft
Beam: 2.44 m/8 ft
Mast: 8.23 m/27 ft

Main sail areas:
School 13.67 sq m/147.2 sq ft. Sloop  14.15 sq m/152.3 sq ft Sport 14.15 sq m/152.3 sq ft

Jib areas: School 3.52 sq m/37.9 sq ft. Sloop  3.52 sq m/37.9 sq ft. Sport 3.71 sq m/39.9 sq ft

Spinnaker: 17 sq m/183 sq ft

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