Nacra 570

Nacra 570

In sailing boat terms, a longer waterline generates better performance. The 570 is a stretched 500 and just adding a small amount of length adds considerable volume to the hull. This volume translates into better load carrying capacity but the other interesting aspect of the 570 is that in being daggerboard-less she’s light in overall weight as there are protuberances required to be built into the hull. What you end up with is a maximum-sized, minimum-weight beach cat!

Most big, fast catamarans are quite complicated in their rigging and set up. The 570 develops speed through her long waterline, efficient sail plan, double trapezes and yet is as easy to rig as the smaller 500 and 460! Simple control systems and an expansive trampoline area  are the ideal place to work from when racing or to just lounge around on when blasting across the bay!

The daggerboard-less is not only fuss free in the water but in terms of construction, is relatively easy to put together and that belies her with a another quality that is hard to replicate in the performance world – value! The 570 is perhaps the fastest cat per dollar in the cat world, it’s extremely good!

The 570 exhibits Nacra’s pedigree sailing manners but the additional waterline and volume allow her to be pushed way harder than most simple beach cats. This is a good thing as the 570 Sport throws a 21 sq.m spinnaker into the equation – this is the same size spinnaker as the premium F18 Race Boats.

The 570 powers up quickly but forgives mistakes at the same time. At the end of the day you could just sail her up the beach without fear of damaging expensive foils!

Available in a School, Sloop or Sport Version with the big spinnaker for added thrills!

Length: 5.65 m/18.5 ft
Beam: 2.44 m/8 ft
Mast: 9.15 m/30 ft

Main sail areas: 
School 15.86 sq m/170.7 sq ft. Sloop  16.55 sq m/178.15 sq ft Sport 16.55 sq m/178.15sq ft

Jib areas: 
School 3.52 sq m/37.9 sq ft. Sloop  4.55 sq m/49.9 sq ft. Sport 4.9 sq m/52.7 sq ft

Spinnaker: 21 sq m/226 sq ft


2 thoughts on “Nacra 570

  1. I am 5 foot 10 inches, and 150 pounds; I am considering purchase of the 570. I will want to solo it from time to time. Can I right this boat witha water bag and/or a righting pole?

    Posted by Jesse Carter | September 21, 2011, 10:57 pm
    • Hi Jesse
      Thanks for your question.
      She’s a large boat but thankfully, very light as well. That comes as she has no daggerboard wells and therefore no added ponds!

      Uprighting solo with a pole should be easy enough.
      Two up uprighting, she’s a breeze! I’ve managed to upright the 580 by myself and I only weigh 75kgs.

      If you sail in a breezy environment, uprighting solo shouldn’t be an issue.
      If like us, we sail in relatively flat waters and light winds, we have to have a better ‘technique’ to bust the sail out of the water.

      The modern 570’s have the nice laminate square head main sails, easy to use and generate a lot of speed! She won’t go uphill as high as say an Infusion due to lack of dagger boards but she will have a surprising turn of straight line speed! She’s also really good at carrying people with her long waterline and high volume.

      Am sure you will enjoy the 570 experience…

      Cheers and thanks
      If you ever come through Singapore, look us up we have a fleet of 60 cats here…

      Posted by prosailing | September 22, 2011, 3:39 am

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