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Nacra 570

This big Nacra is a stretched version of the 500 with “a foot added before and after the main beam”. It was stretched so that the platform could offer the same easy off-the-beach sailing but with added performance and crew carrying ability.

From the few sails that we’ve had on the 570, she has no trouble carrying 3 people with plenty of space for all. The bow sections are really long a have lots of floatation so that when pressed by the spinnaker, she’ll just pick up and go! I’ve seen 16.2 knots on the Nauteek speed log and in not very much wind. She’s quick for sure.

The helm is nice and light, it rigs up in no time at all as the rigging is cleanly done. Hoist the sails, hook on the mainsheet and go for a blast. The 570 has a highly powered rig plus is pretty narrow on the deck which means she looks lean like a speed machine.

When our season starts in full I’d say a few of the formula 16 Fleet are in for a bit of a surprise. The 570 will make the ideal platform for the larger among us to enjoy high performance low-fuss sailing as she doesn’t have daggerboards to worry about!

In comparison to the daggerboard ‘race’ boats, she might not point as high but she make up for that with speed as she does have a long water line!

But the first time we tried the original 5.7 was in another of our adventures that saw us deliver a Nacra 570 into Southern Thailand. There’s nothing unusual about that except that she had to be sailed there from Penang, Malaysia! While the total distance was not more than 150 nautical miles we did put the 570 through the worst storm to hit the north Malaysian coast in 25 years! The storm was bad enough that the entire fishing fleet was heading into port as we were sailing up the coast.

We had taken the owner for a test sail on the Nacra 500 but he decided that he wanted more performance while carrying more of his friends onboard. The 570 is an ideal platform for those who like the fuss-free nature of the skeg hull but want to stretch the performance envelope more.

During one of the night sails on the Melaka Straits we hit a huge log while doing about 15 knots through a Sumatra! The skeg style hull showed its prowess by simply sailing up and over the log and kicking the rudder up. No damage what so ever! But the biggest storm of 25 years also kicked up waves to about 2 meters that saw punching through the wave tops time and time again!

At the end of the trip the owner pulled me to one side for a ‘chat’. Just when I thought he was going to say “he’d had enough” he surprised me with “all the money in the world couldn’t have bought me that experience!” – the biggest compliment I’d ever had.

The next time we sailed this very 5.7 was in the Kings Cup and yes we did win the Cup… I think we still hold the hat trick for winning the kings Cup on a Nacra 5.0, a 5.7 and a 5.8. They’re all winners in their own ways.

So if you want a speed machine that is as happy carrying 2,3 or 4 in a fuss free package, don’t go past the 570. All the changes that have been made going from the 5.7 to the 570 have improved what was already a great, friendly package.



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