TUNING, Viper/F16


For those with a Viper or a Goodall Wingmast setup, the following articles will help explain the ‘mystery’ of tuning this rig. We really powered up the rig by comparison to the ‘traditional’ setting of the Taipan primarily because the Viper has more buoyancy than the Taipan and so is able to carry the extra power. We also ran the same setting on an identical rig we placed on a Blade platform and found that it necessitated carrying the Blades mast rake more aft than the Vipers. Interesting stuff. 

It’s a bit in-depth so you might have to visit it a few times… but work it does! These are in order

Viper mast rake notes

Greg Goodall explains his wingmast setup

Wingmast pre-bend setup

Mast rotation – tricks of the trade



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